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Jennifer's new series Coed Demon Sluts launches in May 2017. Read the serialization of the first book for free! Coed Demon Sluts: Beth. Jennifer is easy to find on Facebook.

Coed Demon Sluts: cover reveal #5

Omigod, you guys, I am so thrilled with this sketch for the cover of the final Coed Demon Slut novel that I have to share! My cover guy, Mark Collins of Mark C. Collins Illustrator, normally illustrates kid’s books, but he … Continue reading

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First world problems: new purse

Are you fussy about your purse? Does it have to be exactly so big? Have at least five pockets? No pockets? One strap or two? Plain black or color? Bling or no bling? Leather or microfiber? And the phone pocket? It’s that time again. My resale shop Liz Claiborne pocketbook-sized purse has died. Now I have to do the impossible yet again: find another purse I can live with. Continue reading

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Coed Demon Sluts: Beth, the serial

It’s a pretty good gig, actually. You get the nearly immortal, nearly invulnerable demon body, which can be gumbied into any height, weight, size, shape, color, age, you-name-it. You get thirty pieces of silver a month for tempting just three people; if you have sex with them, the bonus is double-bubble; and since silver currency has been out of style for almost a hundred years, they’re all rarities and worth a fortune. You must eat forty-five hundred calories a day, minimum, or else the body gets fatter. You never have to try on a pair of jeans again. You never have to try on another bra. Continue reading

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BVC Eats: Pan bagna, or egg and anchovy sandwich

I’ve been rereading Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe novels obsessively, as I reread everything on my keeper shelf, and just came across his mention of egg and anchovy sandwiches. Continue reading

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Movie review: Rhymes With Banana

Couple of weeks ago I talked about picking up two movies in the cheapo bin that turned out to be keepers. The first, Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas, is reviewed here. Today I’ll review the second, Rhymes with Banana. This movie … Continue reading

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Movie review: Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas

We never get a good handle on what’s in The Book beyond a hopeful kind of nihilism. Whatever the ideas in there, they are so cool that she orgasms, reading them. (She is apparently very intelligent and libidinous as well as wacko.) Being a wacko, she steals the book. Continue reading

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Controlled burns in Lake County forest preserves

Like most things about this planet, the smell of a controlled burn makes you realize the sheer size of nature, the immense number of living things surrounding us, and the power of an element like fire to transform. Continue reading

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Feeding frenzy on St. Pete Beach

I go to St. Pete Beach for the Novelists Inc. conference, but I love the nature scene there, too. My husband and I walk on the shore every morning, hoping to spot dolphins. This year, because of winds, tide, the … Continue reading

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Fungi of northern Illinois

This summer has been good for fungi in northern Illinois because it was wet, then dry, then wet, then dry, and mostly cool. On our walks through woods in the Chicago metropolitan area my husband and I have seen a lot of fun fungi. Here are some samples, sortakinda identified. Continue reading

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Miss Holmes: a theatre review

Mandy Walsh as Dr. Watson handles her responsibilities with compassion but also with the clinical pragmatism of a scientist, an emotional woman only when she has leisure for that role, and a creature of action when called upon. Katie McLean Hainsworth as Holmes is a wonder of on-the-spectrum single-mindedness. I adored her wearing a hump and stitches as Igorina in Monstrous Regiment. Here, she is overwhelming, just a miracle. Continue reading

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