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Jeffrey A. Carver grew up on the Lake Erie shores of Huron, Ohio, but eventually settled in the Boston area, where he lives with his family. Currently he's writing a new volume in his popular series The Chaos Chronicles. Another of his favorite places to spin tales is his Star Rigger universe; one story in that world, Eternity's End, was a finalist for the Nebula Award. Among his stand-alone works are The Rapture Effect, and Battlestar Galactica, a novelization of the SciFi Channel's miniseries. By many accounts, his work is hard science fiction, but his greatest love remains character, story, and a healthy sense of wonder. His short work is collected in Going Alien and Reality and Other Fictions. As a teacher, Carver once hosted an educational TV series on the writing of SF and fantasy. A course that grew out of that is online, free to all, at In person, he's taught at MIT, Odyssey, and the New England Young Writer's Conference; and he is cofounder of the Ultimate SF Writing Workshop, in the Boston area. Visit his website and blog to learn more about his work.

Final Days in Helsinki after Worldcon

This will be told mainly in pictures. We took a ferry across the Baltic to Tallinn, in Estonia, on Monday and walked around the old medieval town there. That was fun, though I got awfully tired of walking on cobblestone.

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Worldcon Oddity: Peeing in Helsinki

Every worldcon I’ve been to in recent years has had its own oddities. In Spokane, it was four days of breathing smoke from wildfires on the US/Canadian border. In London, it was staying an hour from the con on a … Continue reading

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Worldcon 75 Wraps

Worldcon ended on Sunday, and as a way of saying farewell, I thought I would post this picture of my daughter drawing my attention to the welcome sign. I had a Kaffeeklatch on Sunday that was well attended, and included … Continue reading

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Worldcon 75, Part 2

Thursday through Saturday were good days for me at Worldcon. But first, congratulations to all the winners of the Hugo and associated rewards! You can see the full list on Women once again dominated in the trophy winning, which … Continue reading

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Hei, Helsinki! Worldcon 75!

This is a catch-up series of reports, so set your Wayback Machine to last Wednesday, and join my ride, starting with lift-off: We arrived in Helsinki, Finland, early this morning for Worldcon 75, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention. At … Continue reading

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Cat Dances on Keyboard, Author Gets Last Word

The perp. Goes by the moniker Moonlight. I’m sure every writer has either had this happen, or had nightmares of it happening: You finish up a nice bit of work and walk away from the computer. Do you think about … Continue reading

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Arrival! Story of an Audiobook—Part Two

(This continues the story of my journey to an audiobook of Neptune Crossing, begun in yesterday’s post. If you haven’t already read that, start there.) After several failed attempts at putting my SF series The Chaos Chronicles into audio via … Continue reading

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Launch Day! Story of an Audiobook—Part One

Today marks launch day for the audiobook of my science fiction novel, Neptune Crossing! Narrated by the Grammy-winning Stefan Rudnicki! I feel as if I’ve just discovered a planet. Or maybe traveled to one. It’s been a long journey—and I often … Continue reading

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What a Week It’s Been!

You know how sometimes it’s just one damn thing after another? Well, around here lately it’s been one damn thing after another after another after another…. The hardest thing actually happened first, while we were at Sasquan (see earlier posts). … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s Sasquan—Part 3

It takes a good sense of humor to attend a worldcon. Last year, at Loncon, we procrastinated too long in getting a place to stay, and we wound up camping on a sailboat moored somewhere off the Thames. This year, … Continue reading

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