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Reading Blind: Guest post by Brian Gage

Reading Blind A Guest Post Brian D. Gage Vonda asked me to contribute. My first introduction to e-books and e-readers came this autumn, 2016. I’m totally blind, using a 4 gig PC, Windows 10 and JAWS 17, a screen reader … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Stephanie Osborn: SPEARED

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla

SPEARED is an acronym that stands for Single-Person Emergency Atmospheric Re-Entry Device. Cool name, huh? What we’re trying to do is to develop what is essentially an ejection seat/escape pod combo for astronauts (or cosmonauts, taikonauts, whoever wants to go into space that might have issues coming home again). We’re still in early stages yet, just very basic research and development, working on what materials we can use, and what shape things need to be in—no, I mean literally, what geometric shapes this stuff needs to have to protect the space travelers in an emergency atmospheric entry, but not either burn ‘em up or skip ‘em off into space. Continue reading

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Spirits of Place: New Orleans

By James Sallis Whenever I think of it, I think of line upon line of ghosts stretching far into the past.  The ghostly shush of boats ferrying slaves across the river from the holding pens to the Quarter, the calls … Continue reading

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