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Gillian Polack is a historian as well as a fiction writer, which means that history is likely to creep into her blogposts. She is also Australian, a foodie, and has a strong love of things ranging from chocolate to folk dance. All her jokes are good jokes, even the ones that aren't funny at all.

Within My Teaching Box

My teaching box is wide open at the moment, spilling its secrets. Let me give you a photograph. Not everything is there. This is because of the reason it’s open. I’m teaching a course on writing using your own voice, … Continue reading

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Within My Teaching Box

Today I went looking for fairy tales in my teaching box because I’m writing this the week before the Canberra science fiction convention (Conflux) and it’s being published the day after and the name of this Conflux is Grimm13. The … Continue reading

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Fairy tales and the magic of science fiction conventions

Fairy tales are chasing me this year. I gave a talk earlier in the year (and wrote it up, here) and now they’re the theme at Conflux, the Canberra science fiction convention. I’m on several panels. I’m also going to … Continue reading

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Within my teaching box

Inside an old hatbox is a tin. That tin has a peacock on the top and is called Table Talk Dainties. I bought it years ago, to store spices in. In 1922 in Australia, you could buy the tin, for … Continue reading

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Some ideas echo

Some words resonate far more than their user intends. “Nevertheless, she persisted,” did that with me. I live on the other side of the world from the US, but I live in a capital city and I’ve seen those attitudes … Continue reading

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Meeting Emma and Gillian

“Did GG’s stuff include a scrapbook?” “There’s one of those late Victorian scrapbooks, with poems and pasted pictures. Is that what you mean?” In my debut novel for Book View Café, The Wizardry of Jewish Women, a scrapbook appears. “This … Continue reading

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