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I began writing professionally in 1982 as Deborah Wheeler with Jaydium and Northlight, (and the omnibus edition, Other Doorways: Early Novels), and short stories in Asimov’s, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy and Star Wars: Tales from Jabba’s Palace. Now under my birth name, Ross, I have written an epic fantasy trilogy, The Seven-Petaled Shield. My collection Azkhantian Tales, includes four short stories set in that world. Book View Cafe also offers my nonfiction Ink Dance: Essays on the Writing Life.

Auntie Deborah Holds Forth on Writing Topics

Q: Can I learn to write novels from movies? If so, which movies? A: Rather than specific movies, watch those director’s commentaries in which the process of story construction is discussed. For example, in the extended DVD editions of The Lord of … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Prius

Once upon a time, O Reader, hybrid cars were new and wonderful, the best of both worlds, a stylish way to reduce our dependence on foreign petroleum and thereby prevent wars and save the planet. If there were issues with … Continue reading

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Squash Harvest, 2017

  Every year we grow winter squashes of various sorts for food. I specify food rather than decoration because the output of a small plot of land in nutrients and calories from winter squashes is extremely good. They’re not only … Continue reading

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Halloween Special: The Love Sonnet of Zombie Genghis Khan

For the past five years, I have been on assignment to track down and interview the most hideously putrid, merciless brain-eating zombies in the world. Common sense must lead us to conclude that no matter how mild and benevolent the … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: Surviving Exhaustion

In previous posts in this series, I’ve written about emotional sobriety, feeling overwhelmed, and finding a personal sanctuary. Now I’d like to talk more about the concrete things we can do to keep our emotional and spiritual balance during the … Continue reading

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Okay, we’ve all heard the warnings. In summer squash season, do not leave the window of your parked car down or you will find a 20 lb zucchini on the passenger seat. And every year we (as do many others) … Continue reading

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Late Summer Bounty

It’s late summer and the garden keeps giving. This afternoon I picked a basketful of cucumbers: Russian Brown, English Telegraph, and lemon cukes. The Russian Browns are nice in that, like the lemons, they don’t get bitter. When they’re ripe, … Continue reading

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Deborah’s Excellent Solar Eclipse Adventure

Reflected eclipse

I’ve posted earlier about my trek up to Lassen to view the annual solar eclipse in 2012. My same friend organized an expedition up to Oregon for this year’s total eclipse, but for various reasons I didn’t go. However, my older daughter, … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Jewish Heroine of the Renaissance

Nevertheless, She Persisted, ed. Mindy Klasky

Back in the 1990s, when themed anthologies were all the rage, I heard about one that was right up my alley and open to submission: Ancient Enchantresses, to be edited by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch and Martin H. Greenberg for DAW. The editors … Continue reading

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Cat Blog: Gayatri and the Yoga Mats

Gayatri, the One-Eyed Pirate Wonder Queen here: I wish to lodge a formal complaint about my monkeys on the subject of suitable scratching materials. Yes, I know this environment has been amply supplied with scratching posts. As a thoroughly civilized feline, I … Continue reading

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