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Judith Tarr is a writer, a freelance editor and writing mentor, and a lifelong horse person. She lives near Tucson, Arizona, where she raises and trains Lipizzan horses. Her new book, Forgotten Suns, is out now from Book View Cafe. Yes, there are horses in it.

Living in the Moment

There’s a thing that horse people like to say: that horses live in the perpetual present. It’s not actually true. Horses have phenomenal memories, and also have the ability to anticipate events that haven’t happened yet (as many a dressage … Continue reading

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I Sing of a Maiden

As has become somewhat of a tradition over the years, the Horseblog is taking a winter break. It will be back in the new year, with more horse stories and rants and reflections and odd bits of equine lore. As … Continue reading

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Some Spam Is Spammier Than Other Spam

I’m running a Kickstarter for a new space opera–it’s right over here, it’s funded and in stretch goals, it’s ending on Sunday, come and play if you like. This is the fourth one I’ve done, and I thought I was … Continue reading

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(Opening and obligatory reassurance: The horse in the photo is very much alive. She’s having a nap, and the human disciples are learning a lesson about relaxing and letting go.) This past week saw the departure of an old and … Continue reading

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To Vet or Not to Vet? Or, Meltdown Imminent (Human, Not Horse)

This has been a week from hell, which means it’s time for a Horseblog Classic. We are celebrating the anniversary of this blog’s adventure with another vet adventure, a couple of severe colics. One horse got over it quickly and … Continue reading

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Human Exceptionalism

Humans, at least in Western culture, have this thing. They have to feel superior. Doesn’t matter in what way. Intelligence, ethnicity, physical appearance, physical ability, culture, choice of deity or style of worship, geographical location, sports team, stuff/no stuff, you … Continue reading

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Now What?

This isn’t about horses really, except insofar as it’s being written on a horse farm and the horses will benefit from some of what I’m talking about. It is about writing, to a fair degree, and about life in general. … Continue reading

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Summer’s End

Life with horses forces even the most sedentary or distracted human out of the house and into the barn, and hence, into nature–the great outdoors, with weather and climate and times of day and changes of season. This spring and … Continue reading

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Room and Board

The past few weeks there’s been a second blog about horses around these parts. If you haven’t been reading Julianne Lee’s “I Was a Middle-Aged Barn Rat” series, you’re in for a treat. We’re up to installment 9 of 10, … Continue reading

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I am in the throes (the last ones, please the Elder Gods) of what my contractor-herder calls a “Whole-House Restoration,” which is now in its fourth month, and therefore have no brain cells available for anything else. Have a Horseblog … Continue reading

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