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Judith Tarr is a writer, a freelance editor and writing mentor, and a lifelong horse person. She lives near Tucson, Arizona with an assortment of cats, a blue-eyed dog, and a herd of Baroque warhorses.

Only in Silence the Word: After Ursula

Ursula K. Le Guin by Eileen Gunn

Some writers are just—more. More everything. More brilliant. More talented. More challenging, and more wickedly subversive. Ursula was all of those things, but even more than that, she was loved. I was her colleague in genre and here at Book … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, She Filed Her Taxes on Time

One of the things I love about the way the fantasy genre has evolved in the new millennium is how it plays with its tropes. Every genre has them, and cherishes them. Tropes are what make a genre what it … Continue reading

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Another Song of Ice and Fire

I’m in another Storybundle from now through September 8th, and as part of the fun (because these are very communal experiences), we’ve all been interviewing each other about our books and our theme, which is Weird West. For those who … Continue reading

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Horseblog Q&A: Fear Factor

The last Horseblog attracted a great deal of commentary from the horse community, and as always happens when people are talking about scary things, the horror stories waxed horrific. Amid all this, author Pamela Dean commented, I had a question … Continue reading

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Ow: Equestrian Edition

Actually not the horse kind. The human kind. This week, I asked fellow writers to ask questions about what they want or need to know about handling and living with horses. Writer and artist M.C.A. Hogarth responded with a great … Continue reading

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Why the Horse?

It’s interesting to reflect on the animals that humans have chosen as frequent companions–or that have chosen humans. While we’ve kept just about every possible creature as a pet, status symbol/zoo animal, or beast of burden, a select few have … Continue reading

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A Stallion in Spring

I’m down with the Venusian Death Plague here, and it’s Horseblog time. What to do? Why, Horseblog Classic, of course! As it happens, spring never fails to liven things up around here, and what was true three years ago is … Continue reading

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Further Reflections on Animal Intelligence

I’ve been pondering animal intelligence for a while, as you may have noticed. The raft of new studies that demonstrate how much smarter animals are than humans have thought, actually just back up what any observant person can see for … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

It’s happening again. Science is proving what we knew all along. This time it’s horses’ awareness of human emotion–though the study, on closer examination, isn’t actually about emotions. It’s about facial expressions. Specifically, one (male) human’s expressions as shown in … Continue reading

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Holding Space

Lately I’ve been noticing a spate of articles about women in men’s space. There’s been much discussion of the subway tactic of “inseaming” or “manspreading,” both deploring it and proposing strategies for countering it. What I particularly notice is that … Continue reading

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