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Cat Kimbriel has just finished a new Alfreda book and is working on a short Nuala piece, a contemporary fantasy about curses, and a few other things as well. You can find her fantasy & science fiction, including free samples, at her Book View Café bookshelf. Cat builds worlds that contain compassion and justice -- come join the journey.

More Than Decoration

I’ve been sharing ornaments over on Facebook, and several of my BVC cohorts have volunteered special ornaments or decorations from their own homes. (They also understood that if they didn’t cough up a story, I would write a story about the decoration involving the Flying Spaghetti Monster, squids, and probably Cthulhu. Vonda N. McIntyre said “That I would like to read.”) Continue reading

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Elements of Modern Storytelling–Characters

Sherlock Holmes collection

Writers think a lot about characters. We think about them in the abstract, and we think about those individuals who rent an apartment in our subconscious and start rummaging around, looking for utility hookups and how to arrange forwarding on their mail. Sometimes they are just visiting for a few months or years. Other times they move in and don’t check out until we do. Continue reading

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Blog Hop with Cat Kimbriel–Four Questions for the Writer

Writer Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

This is all writer Laura Anne Gilman’s fault. After being tagged herself by Mindy Klasky in an ongoing blog hop, she generously spread the love. She tagged me to answer the following questions:

1) What am I working on?
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
3) Why do I write what I do?
4) How does your writing process work? Continue reading

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Author Interview: James Hetley


James Hetley is a renaissance man, which is often the case with writers. He’s been an architect specializing in renovation and adaptive reuse of old buildings. Of course, he lives in a magnificent horror of a house from the 1850s, with an electrical system from Edison’s time and a furnace installed when Roosevelt was president.

Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Dusting Cobwebs: Or, the Internet is Constantly Becoming Obsolete

Universal Living Wage Campaign

I’ve put it off for over a week, ever since I last faced the ancient web site…the ancient software needed to update it. Over a decade ago, I grabbed the best solution available to build a text site for a shoestring nonprofit run by a nationally respected visionary. They wanted fast downloads on already obsolete machines, on dial up systems. They wanted more text than most people could imagine. They wanted it easy on the eyes.

People still go to it, despite its age. Its most valuable commodity needs updating. That has been what I’ve been up to, in the dark hours. Once again, perhaps for the last time, I go to update Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday–Cat Kimbriel is Always Reading

It’s WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.  I freely admit to having easily a half dozen nonfiction books and several novels going just now, so here’s a brief snippet of what I had at hand: • What did you … Continue reading

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TRAINS: Promising Me New Worlds

Vintage Diesel Engine from the Chicago, South Side and South Bend Line.

Cat Kimbriel thought long and hard about applying for an Amtrak Writer’s Residency, and even wrote this piece for it. But she drew the line at asking her sisters (one who had been in utero,) her mother, and her deceased father to sign off on the piece. Instead, she confesses to you that she may have been born a storyteller one dark night as she looked out a Pullman sleeper car train window and discovered America. Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday 3-26-2014 — Cat Kimbriel Reads and Reviews

I finally got to read the third Tiffany Aching novel by Terry Pratchett, and I must say, if you have never felt called to read Terry Pratchett’s absurd view of the universe? And you like YA fantasy? Try the Tiffany books. The first is Wee Free Men, and the second A Hat Full of Sky. I think you could start with any of them, but I read them in order. The third, Wintersmith, is masterful. It is by turns humorous and harrowing, silly and strong, modern and ancient.
Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday 1-29-14

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next? Continue reading

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Book View Café Eats: Simple Soup

Sometimes it’s a battle to get vegetables into people. In my case, right now I have trouble with raw veggies. My solution is an old macrobiotic secret–cook soup often. But how to simplify what is often an involved process? Sure, you can open a can of soup–but the majority of soups sold in cans or even envelopes contain things you probably don’t want. They have too much salt, sugar, or corn syrup–they have MSG or modified food starch, or contain ingredients your family can’t have, such as wheat or soy.

Homemade soup means you know what’s in it. But just a good stock can take a long time to make. Here’s a simple way to get that homemade soup without spending the entire day at it. Continue reading

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