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Cat Kimbriel has just finished a new Alfreda book and is working on a short Nuala piece, a contemporary fantasy about curses, and a few other things as well. You can find her fantasy & science fiction, including free samples, at her Book View Café bookshelf. Cat builds worlds that contain compassion and justice -- come join the journey.

WWW Wednesday 3-26-2014 — Cat Kimbriel Reads and Reviews

I finally got to read the third Tiffany Aching novel by Terry Pratchett, and I must say, if you have never felt called to read Terry Pratchett’s absurd view of the universe? And you like YA fantasy? Try the Tiffany books. The first is Wee Free Men, and the second A Hat Full of Sky. I think you could start with any of them, but I read them in order. The third, Wintersmith, is masterful. It is by turns humorous and harrowing, silly and strong, modern and ancient.
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WWW Wednesday 1-29-14

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next? Continue reading

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Book View Café Eats: Simple Soup

Sometimes it’s a battle to get vegetables into people. In my case, right now I have trouble with raw veggies. My solution is an old macrobiotic secret–cook soup often. But how to simplify what is often an involved process? Sure, you can open a can of soup–but the majority of soups sold in cans or even envelopes contain things you probably don’t want. They have too much salt, sugar, or corn syrup–they have MSG or modified food starch, or contain ingredients your family can’t have, such as wheat or soy.

Homemade soup means you know what’s in it. But just a good stock can take a long time to make. Here’s a simple way to get that homemade soup without spending the entire day at it. Continue reading

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Is Something Burning? Part 3 – My Cook Top Is Trying to Kill Me

Do you hear Jaws music?

As a writer who has boiled pans and teakettles dry, and received both second-degree steam and contact burns, I feel I have become an expert in trying to stay alive while cooking. Since I now prepare most of my food from scratch, learning to do it safely was crucial.

When are you going to replace those old, dangerous oven mitts? Get yourself something that will actually protect your absentminded self. Oven mitts come in heavy duty, top flight silicone with washable liners, like the Mastrad A823305 silicone oven mitt with cotton lining. (I love that number–it’s like a turbocharged oven mitt.) Continue reading

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IS Something Burning? Part 2 — Timing is Everything

Brookstone Mug Warmer with Auto Shut-off!

I know more than one writer who has boiled kettles or saucepans dry, burned things in the oven, or cut off a fingernail chopping vegetables. As an expert at trying to injure myself, I am offering up a few suggestions in basic kitchen–and writer–survival. (Readers, I’m talking to you, too!) Continue reading

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Is Something Burning? Part 1 – A Whistle is Not An Alarm

“Once I read through a house catching on fire.


Are you capable of reading–or writing–through a house fire? Then it’s time you take a proactive approach to kitchen safety. Writer (and reader) Katharine Eliska Kimbriel offers up tested techniques to keep you much safer in the kitchen and get you back to work quickly. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Patricia Burroughs


Patricia Burroughs—Pooks—began her writing career in romance with five published novels. including Scandalous and La Desperada. She received nominations and recognition from RT Reviews and was a Finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Rita Award.

Then she got lured over to the dark side…screenwriting. Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday 11-13-2013

• What are you currently reading?

I’m in NaNoWriMo mode, so I am plowing my way through first editing one manuscript and finishing another. But I find I need distraction after a writing day, and sometimes a book is the perfect distraction. I’ve been picking up a lot of comfort reads, books I’ve previously enjoyed, with the occasional new book. Continue reading

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Author Interview: Brenda W. Clough


Writer Brenda W. Clough has stitched together an exotic quilt of a career and a life. She’s written classic fantasy, fantasy humor, fantasy for children, science fiction, steampunk, and even contemporary mystery. Clough has an unabashed enthusiasm for whimsy, black humor, and the wide universe of comic books. She’s been known to create original cover art, cook exotic meals for her family, and knit squids.
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Author Interview:Julianne Lee


Writer Julianne Lee is a creative who discovered at a young age that daydreaming with a purpose equaled telling stories for fun. It was a while before she realized it might also be a great way to make a living. Continue reading

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