Women’s March in Bellingham, WA

We had a wonderful march here in Bellingham on Saturday! So good to hear inspiring speakers and singers, and to see so many women and men and children taking part. Weather reports were sounding a storm watch again, with strong winds and very cold, but then when the local Lummi tribal group sang and drummed for unity, the sun broke through!

Another presenter sang to Maya Angelou’s poem, “I will rise,” and we all sang along, “We will rise.”

I wore my “Nevertheless, She Persisted” tote as my “sign.”

And I wasn’t the only one with that thought:

Continuing the local efforts, I’ll be joining a group reading at local Village Books in February, with my essay in a Whatcom Writes anthology, “Resistance.” I do my best to maintain hope that we all shall overcome and create a better world! Thanks to everyone making efforts.


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Sara Stamey’s journeys include treasure hunting and teaching scuba in the Caribbean and Honduras; backpacking around Greece and New Zealand; operating a nuclear reactor; and owning a farm in Southern Chile. Now resettled in her native Northwest Washington, she teaches creative writing at Western Washington University. She shares her Squalicum Creek backyard with wild critters and her cats, dog, and husband Thor. Visit her BVC Ebookstore bookshelf.
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8 Responses to Women’s March in Bellingham, WA

  1. Foxessa says:

    What the right drummers and drums can do — I never lose awe, wonder and respect.

    Yesterday, here in NYC, there were several batterias. Seeing women playing big, loud tambors is inspirational.

  2. Sherwood Smith says:

    Slate offered photos of some great signs from different marches all across the country. My favorite is the one that said “First we marched, now we are running (for office)”

    • Sara Stamey says:

      Yes, so many women inspired to run for office, including a young friend here in Whatcom County who jumped in feet first and won a spot on a local city council last fall. We need to keep up the momentum!

  3. I used my Nevertheless, She Persisted bag as my sign, too! (It was a little too nippy for my assorted political t-shirts.)

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