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About Inconsolable Rage and Forgiveness

If you have not seen Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, go do so. I will not refuse to speak to you if you don’t, but really, I say this because it’s the best film I’ve seen this year. I see … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Exception to the Rules by Doranna Durgin

Wild Hearts Book 2: Exception to the Rules by Doranna Durgin

You Can’t Go Home Again…

But Hunter Agency operative Kimmer Reed has to. She’d fled as a teen, swearing never to return, but now–vastly changed, greatly disguised–her latest assignment has brought her back. Still, watching over a computer genius who also has her own bodyguard should be a piece of cake–after all, who’d think to look for Carolyne Carlsen here?

Surprise. Everyone. And so Kimmer plays a dangerous cat-and-mouse game to keep her mission hidden, the genius protected–and the bodyguard far, far away…. Continue reading

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