Phantastes’ Dreamer

An artist called Tony Phantastes created a rather amazing sculpture in a tiny country town in New South Wales. I visit every now and again, for it changes. For years it was decaying and now someone is changing it.

Today I visited again, with my friends, Donna Maree Hanson and Matthew Farrer. They wanted to bring a visitor from Finland, and me, I needed pictures for research. I’m going to spend part of my summer writing a novel, and I need some of the thoughts this sculpture gives me.

I took many, many pictures. The sun prevented a direct look at the whole structure, so I thought you’d like, instead, a few of my favourite elements of this mysterious work of art.

If you want to see earlier pictures, there are some here. The person in the blue parka may look familiar.

In case you’re curious about the artist and his work, here’s a link to an article.

It was a long day and I shall leave you the pictures and go to bed. Time to dream.


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Gillian Polack is a historian as well as a fiction writer, which means that history is likely to creep into her blogposts. She is also Australian, a foodie, and has a strong love of things ranging from chocolate to folk dance. All her jokes are good jokes, even the ones that aren’t funny at all.

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6 Responses to Phantastes’ Dreamer

  1. Now I want to see this in person!

  2. Wow! I need to see this, close up and far away. I could spend days examining details large and small and oh, oh, oh, this gives me ideas for the WIP!

  3. Zena says:

    Bureaucracy. Sometimes people can be so very stupid.

    It’s a fascinating and compelling piece. It would be wonderful to see it repaired and completed.

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