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Reading (In)Discriminately

Okay: raise your hands. When you were younger (say, teen- to young-adulthood) how many of you read pretty much everything? Finished even the rotten books because they were… well, they were books, and they were there? Okay, so I wasn’t … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Love Forever After by Patricia Rice

As a vicar’s daughter, quiet Penelope Carlisle is accustomed to living on the thin edge of poverty. She’s content with her small home and a friendly village–until a cloaked and crippled Beast rides into her orchard. Badly scarred in heart and soul, Viscount Graham Trevelyan has no use for love. He has a need for revenge and a child to protect. The compassionate innocent who doesn’t flee his fierce visage is the perfect mother his silent daughter needs. Continue reading

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Within My Teaching Box (the Stroumph! edition)

How do we bring our readers into a new world with us? How do we make them accept that this world is real? I have many tools for this in my teaching box. Most of my tools for this are … Continue reading

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