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Christmas at the Old Bull & Bush: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough  For the historical fictioneer there are two ways to research. One is of course through books. Paging through dusty tomes, plowing through period letters, digging up the original documents, oh yes. You can grow old this … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler’s Thought for the New Year

The only thought I have is this: I shall imagine life is not worth dying, if (and when) roses complain their beauties are in vain but though mankind persuades itself that every weed’s a rose, roses (you feel certain) will … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer Returns to Greece, Part 13: The Dramatic Island of Santorini!

Wander in a daze with Thor and me as we take in the “insanely dramatic” views of the whitewashed cubic labyrinth perched on the edge of a volcanic caldera high above the Aegean Sea. NOTE: Since my 4-month backpacking trip … Continue reading

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New Worlds Theory Post: Liminality

(This post is part of my Patreon-supported New Worlds series.) Liminality has come up in these posts before, in the context of rites of passage. But it’s a concept with much broader application than just that area, and since we’re … Continue reading

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

General Leia

I’ve got some thoughts about The Last Jedi. Just in case anyone reading this has not yet seen it, here’s a nice promo picture from the movie. Below that is the “continue reading” tag. Don’t click on it if you … Continue reading

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The Capitol Steps: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough I live near Washington DC. It is a company town, just like Detroit or Battle Creek, only our product is politics, not cars or corn flakes. And this is reflected in the arts scene, where the … Continue reading

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The Tesla Diaries: 4. Adapting

(This post is part of a blog series. In case you haven’t read it, here’s the first post.) Saturday morning, we woke to snow. We took photos of the truck (now banished from the garage) to advertise it for sale. … Continue reading

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Christmas DownUnder

My typical Christmas Day is a writing day. When I get tired of writing, I watch DVDs, for I can’t face Christmas advertisements. This is one of the many effects of being Jewish in Australia. This year, however, some friends … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: How Stories Save Us

Stories can heal and transform us. They can also become beacons of hope. Quite a few years ago, when I was going through a difficult personal time, I came across a book about the inherent healing power of telling our … Continue reading

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A Lifetime in a Holiday Tree

As you may have guessed, my tree is a mixture of many, many faiths and traditions—as a storyteller’s tree should be. I’ve been sharing ornaments over the Internet on social media, and several of my BVC cohorts have volunteered special ornaments or decorations from their own homes. (They also understood that if they didn’t cough up a story, I would write a story about the decoration involving the Flying Spaghetti Monster, squids, and probably Cthulhu.) Continue reading

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