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Amazon Deal (USA and Canada)

It’s happening now. If you’re an Amazon customer in the United States or Canada and you haven’t yet purchased a copy of BVC member Linda Nagata’s newest novel, The Last Good Man, now’s your chance! Amazon has put the ebook … Continue reading

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The Census, the LGBT Community, and Me

The Census Bureau is only planning to ask about sexual orientation on their pre-survey which asks people what barriers exist that prevent them from taking part in the census (CBAMS). https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2017/sexual-orientation.html This is a major problem. Originally for the upcoming … Continue reading

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Influential Books

This post is one of many featured on Katharine Kerr’s Patreon page, where you can read more like it by becoming a supporter. What books influenced you when you were young? Writers get asked that a lot. Here’s my answer. … Continue reading

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