The Eclipse Is Coming

The full eclipse will happen next week. There hasn’t been another in my lifetime and I’m incredibly excited. It doesn’t hurt that I live in the path of totality. I’m super excited to see it. I’m less excited about the influx of people. It’s not that I begrudge people this opportunity. I would certain come hundreds of miles to see it. It’s just that it’s going to be almost like a midwestern blizzard in terms of the need to stock up on supplies and stay home. In my town alone, they are expecting around 500,000 visitors. Restaurants are worried about employees getting to work since the roads will be packed. All business are worried about credit card transactions, because they think the system will be overloaded. Emergency response people are worried. Part of the reason is that there’s a river bisecting the city and only ONE bridge. If something happens there–like an accident or suicide attempt (which in fact did happen)–then no one crosses the river, and if you’re not on the side of the hospital, you’re in trouble.

The city is opening all the city parks to overnight camping, which could be interesting. I’m hoping they’ll have at least some bathroom facilities. Oh, restaurants are also figuring they are going to be running out of food.

My plan is to grocery shop this Weds. and Thursday, and the hunker down and plan not to do any driving if I can avoid it. Oh, except I ordered a bushel of fire roasted hatch chiles, (a local market here does the fire roasting and so they will be super fresh). It will be in this Saturday. Luckily we have friends coming in for the eclipse and will press them into service helping can the chiles. Speaking of which–I don’t have to skin them, do I? I planned to de-seed and stem them, chop them up, and then can them. If you’ve advice, I’d like to know. I plan to can in water, not oil, because that’s very much like the store bought fire roasted chiles that I get.

Also, we picked blackberries today. Lovely, fat, juicy blackberries. I’ve frozen at least three gallons so far, and have probably ten or more gallons left. There will be pies, and then there will be more freezing until I can get around to making jelly or something else. Oh, and I picked two quarts of blueberries off one bush yesterday. A bush I’d already picked. I have another six bushes to pick.

Anyhow, back to the eclipse. I’m planning my menu for my friends and planning on enjoying the weekend and staying out of businesses as much as possible. Also keeping cash on hand as they’re saying with the credit transaction issues, cash will be critical.

Anybody else have plans for the eclipse? Are you as excited as I am?




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9 Responses to The Eclipse Is Coming

  1. I’m in the 98% totality area, just north and east of you. We’re a resort town and used to this sort of thing, well sort of. Tens of thousands of people, not hundreds of thousands of extra people. At least those headed up and over the mountain don’t have to stop to put on chains. Yet.

    Mt. Hood Meadows is opening their parking lot to RVs for the event, only 1/2 hour from the edge of totality. Haven’t heard if Wildwood Park is going to allow camping or if the RV village is opening more sites for the event.

    I think I’ll be hunkering down and watching it on the Science Channel, they will be tapping the feed from one of the satellites. Local news teams will be on the Eclipse Flight, Alaska Airlines (I think) will be in the air, following the eclipse.

    Enjoy it, stay safe, and be kind to each other people. This could be a grand adventure or total chaos.

  2. We are part of the horde coming in, though we’re going to the eastern part of Oregon to increase the odds of no clouds. We have a camp site, but will still have to drive to get to the zone of totality.

    We are camping, so we’re bringing out own food and toilet paper and extra water and such. We’ll try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but we are going to have to buy gas. Oh, for the solar-powered RV we’d like to have. Alas, we merely have a reasonably gas-efficient Scion.

    • I hope you have fun and the sky is clear. I’ve heard here that they are afraid the water system will be overwhelmed. And they aren’t allowing trucks on the roads for a couple of days, according to a clerk at Safeway. It could be very crazy. Wish I was camping with you, though. And then hunting for rocks!

  3. Zena says:

    I think I’m more excited about those berries! We live in the 70-80% area, and travelling elsewhere for better viewing is not really an option. But I’d make the extra effort for a piece of blueberry pie…

  4. I don’t think you need to skin the chilies, although you might remove any large sheets that shed off. As far as I’m concerned, the skin just adds to the flavor! Good luck getting through the eclipse. Much as I’d love to see totality, I think we’re smart to stay away. Crowds are too scary.

  5. Gary Ehrlich says:

    I’ll be on business travel in the 80%-90% band (close to the 90% line). I do have a pair of eclipse glasses, so I do plan to sneak out of my meeting, assuming it isn’t cloudy.