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New Worlds: Worldbuilding as a Habit of Thought

(This post is part of my Patreon-supported New Worlds series.) One of the funding milestones for this Patreon is a fifth essay in the months that have five Fridays. Since we cleared that milestone right off the bat (woot!), here’s … Continue reading

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The Language Attic


My sweetheart’s daughter keeps a list of unfamiliar words from her reading. Since she has wide-ranging tastes and often reads old books, her word list is full of unusual and sometimes archaic words. When she comes over to visit – … Continue reading

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Salt Potatoes

I came across a reference to salt potatoes as being a really good treat. I researched them and found they looked interesting, so I decided to try them out on Darwin and the boys. Salt potatoes are basically new potatoes … Continue reading

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The Seichi Journals: Hitting a Wall

Sometimes we embark upon a new adventure with all the good will and skill in the world, and it just doesn’t work out. The time may be wrong, or the clash of personalities may be overwhelming, or unforeseen, insurmountable problems … Continue reading

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BVC Announces No Perfect Magic by Patricia Rice

No Perfect Magic by Patricia Rice

Will Ives, the bastard son of the late marquess, is as strong, handsome, and smart as his brothers, but he has no interest in society or book learning. His unique gift for training highly-prized rescue dogs is all he needs. His peace is shattered the day the beautiful but eccentric Lady Aurelia demands his help in finding a child no one knows is missing. Continue reading

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Wonder Woman: A Very Short Review

by Brenda W. Clough My son and I agree that the super hero movie is now become formulaic. You need your origin narrative. Your superhero debut. Your major conflict, ideally involving saving the world. It’s as rigid a formula as … Continue reading

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No Time to Spare by Ursula K. Le Guin

No Time to Spare by Ursula K. Le Guin

  BVC mirrors founding member Ursula K. Le Guin’s blog. We are happy to report that selected blog posts will appear in No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters. Review: Barbara’s Picks, Nov./Dec. 2017, by Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal. … Continue reading

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Blending People

(Picture from here.) Human beings are biased towards themselves. We then to think of the world as reflections of ourselves. We project our nature on our pets, our automobiles, our weapons, the landscape and fictional entities. Sometimes I think we are … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler is Still Home

(Warning! Scary pictures not appropriate for entomophobics) My husband and I think of ourselves as fairly knowledgeable organic gardeners. When considering a topic for this blog, I thought I would write about bugs. However when I browsed through our small … Continue reading

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