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Wonder Woman, the Internet, and Tender Little Snowflakes

WARNING: LOTS OF STRONG LANGUAGE. MAY NOT BE SFW. Now the Internet is losing its shit over a screening of Wonder Woman: Short version is, a movie theater company arranged a women-only screening of WONDER WOMAN.  In certain quarters … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer Muses about Memorial Day

Yesterday, I took my dad Neil Stamey on a short trip, in what has become a yearly tradition, to the nearby Festival of Flags at Greenacres Cemetery for their Memorial Day celebration of veterans who have fallen. He’s the handsome … Continue reading

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BayCon 2017 report

BayCon is my local science fiction convention, one I have attended regularly for quite a few years now. At first, the hotel venue was within commuting distance, so long as I did not indulge in too many late night events … Continue reading

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All the sluts: the hinky side of women’s fiction

I’m so excited about this series launch, I’m squeaking like a mouse. Also bouncing. Coed Demon Sluts was conceived at the point when I realized that my last series, Slacker Demons, was leaving the lair of the incubi empty. I’d … Continue reading

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BVC Announces the Coed Demon Sluts Series by Jennifer Stevenson

Coed Demon Sluts: Beth by Jennifer Stevenson

The Coed Demon Sluts series Continue reading

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Final Visit

I’d thought I was going for a final visit. My father had been sick for a long time, and had been living on borrowed time since his heart attack in 2005. I pictured myself spending a couple of weeks hanging … Continue reading

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Bonsai Beginnings

Bonsai originated in China around 700AD, and was introduced in Japan about 400 years later. The Chinese term for the art, “Penjing,” and the Japanese word “bonsai” have the same general meaning, “tree in a tray/container.” I recently became interested … Continue reading

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The not-so-reluctant Traveler: Utah

From our little cabin at Sevier River Ranch we can look down into the Sevier (pronounced “Severe”, the locals informed us) Valley at Hatch Station, a town split in two by Utah scenic highway State 89. 20 miles east lies … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer Goes Biking Along Lake Whatcom

Last time (May 13 blog post), Thor, Bear dog, and I hiked above our nearby Lake Whatcom to an overlook. This time, taking advantage of another sunny day, we loaded up our bikes and took to the Hertz Trail that … Continue reading

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New Worlds: The History We Live In

(This post is part of my Patreon-supported New Worlds series.) This week’s post is brought to you by a patron request! The topic suggestion had to do with conveying historical complexity, which is itself complex enough that it can’t be … Continue reading

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