New Anthology Hits Bestseller Rankings

Alternative Truths

BVC member Phyllis Irene Radford and her collaborator Bob Brown announce that their anthology, Alternative Truths from B Cubed Press, launched this morning with best-selling numbers on

“In true American tradition, we lampoon our politicians – particularly those with overblown egos. And our current President has an ego big as – well, a wall. His own staff member provided the inspiration for this anthology when she used the term “alternative facts.”

Since the President won’t come to the correspondent’s dinners, we’re bringing it to you. Alternative Truths is a collection of twenty-four stories by authors specializing in genres from political commentary to science fiction and fantasy. Once started, it’s impossible to put down. The topic of prevarication is addressed in manners from humorous to deadly serious. Contexts range from the past to dystopic futures. The collection is powerful, provocative, and in some cases – hopefully not precognizant.” R. Kyle




New Anthology Hits Bestseller Rankings — 1 Comment

  1. Phyl and Bob set high standards for every aspect of their editorial work, from the initial call for submissions to the final formatting for print and ebook publication. And they brought the book to publication in under 100 days. It’s now making a splash on Amazon. I think their next book should be about how to publish an anthology. (Disclaimer: I have a story in Alternative Truths.)