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Book View Café Pioneers a New Way of Buying Books — Again!

Bring 14 publishers and author-groups together under one umbrella. Have them all agree to the same low sale price for a short period of time. Yes, today we aren’t just letting you know about a couple of BVC bargains. We … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Traveler comes home and there are dogs

English Mastiff breeders share a common anecdote: by the end of the second World War, the English Mastiff all but vanished from Britain. American breeders helped to revive the breed in England. This intrigued me. Plans for a historical novel … Continue reading

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The Rambling Writer’s Greek Travels, Part 13: The Byzantine City of Mystras

This series started on Oct. 15 and continues every other Saturday. I’m taking a trip back in time to my 4-month backpacking rambles around Greece in the early 1980s, which planted the seed for my recent novel The Ariadne Connection. … Continue reading

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Why do characters… #4:Why do characters love?

Love is one of the guiding principles of the human condition. Things have been done in the name of love – both great things and evil things – that defy explanation, or rationalization. Love is what love is, and when … Continue reading

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New Worlds: The Etiquette of Names

(This post is part of my Patreon-supported New Worlds series.) Closing out the topic of names (at least for now), let’s dig into how they get used. This is something I think Americans sometimes have trouble grasping, because our society … Continue reading

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New Anthology Hits Bestseller Rankings

BVC member Phyllis Irene Radford and her collaborator Bob Brown announce that their anthology Alternative Truths from B Cubed Press, launched this morning with best-selling numbers on Continue reading

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The Best Part of Writing

working writer

Many a writer I know claims that the best part of writing is rewriting – going back through the piece and making it work. Others hold out for writing the first draft. I think that is particularly true for those … Continue reading

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Strange Skills

A while ago, some friends and I were talking about strange and (probably_ useless skills they’d picked up over the years, and it got me to thinking about my own. Off-hand: 1. Raising, butchering, and cleaning chickens, ducks, geese, and … Continue reading

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Just Do It: The Art of Reading for an Audience

This weekend past I was a reader at SF in SF, the San Francisco SF reading series. I like reading to an audience–I’m a lapsed Theatre major, and while I’m not a great actor, the opportunity to ham it up still appeals. … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Chemistry of Magic by Patricia Rice

Chemistry of Magic Unexpected Magic 5 by Patricia Rice Diagnosed with consumption, Viscount “Devil” Dare knows his days are numbered. With his greedy cousin scheming to throw Dare’s mother and sisters out of their home after his death, he can … Continue reading

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