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Doing the Smart Thing

Alma Alexander wrote last week about characters doing, as she put it, “eye-wateringly dumb” things in order to advance a story, and she isn’t wrong. Watching characters do dumb things for no reason is painful, exasperating, infuriating. But what about … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Law and Murder by Mindy Klasky

Law and Murder Fright Court 2 by Mindy Klasky Sarah Anderson loves her job at the supernatural night court of Washington DC–even though that means regularly consorting with vampires. She especially looks forward to the trial of the century, where … Continue reading

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Reading Climate

Whatever your politics, I think you can safely say that since the election, your emotions, fears, hopes, worries, joys–all these things have likely changed. I know mine have. I’ve noticed a strong shift in the things I want to read … Continue reading

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Cat Dances on Keyboard, Author Gets Last Word

The perp. Goes by the moniker Moonlight. I’m sure every writer has either had this happen, or had nightmares of it happening: You finish up a nice bit of work and walk away from the computer. Do you think about … Continue reading

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Viable Paradise: Leveling Up

                        When I visited a wring class at a local college last December (write-up here ) I was asked about intensive writing workshops at a professional level. Many had … Continue reading

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The News From 2Dits Farm: In Praise of Chickadees

The tube feeder is glazed with last night’s sleet and freezing rain, a thick coating of ice that molds like shrink-wrap to the bird buffet just outside my kitchen window. The sunflower seeds are encased, as is the suet cake … Continue reading

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Why do characters… #1: Why do characters do stupid things?

We’ve all read those books. The ones where everything is going swimmingly and then somebody you’re supposed to care about does something so eye-wateringly dumb that your eyes hurt from rolling, and that sound you hear is your molars grinding … Continue reading

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A Tricoastal Woman: Walking and Driving

I walk. My daily life is built around walking. I walk to the store, to the Impact Hub (co-working and community), to Tai Chi, to get coffee, to poke around in shops. If I’m going far, I combine walking with … Continue reading

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Gay Tease

Last week I wrote about Gay Tragedy.  There’s also the Gay Tease. This is when a TV show or movie claims that a character is gay, but doesn’t actually DO anything with it.  There are two versions of the Gay … Continue reading

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In Troubled Times: Emotional Sobriety

Most of us who drink alcohol have sooner or later imbibed too much of it. Setting aside the embarrassing and unhealthful effect of such overindulgence, we then got to experience nature’s own payback: a hangover. Not only do we feel … Continue reading

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