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BVC Members on Locus Recommended Reading List

Little Sisters

Book View Cafe members are well represented on Locus Magazine‘s 2015 Recommended Reading List. Vonda N. McIntyre’s “Little Sisters,” a Book View CafĂ© Original, is on the short story list. Linda Nagata’s Going Dark, the third book in her Red … Continue reading

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Weasels’ Dictionary

There’s an ad for mayonnaise which boasts that the product, a beloved semi-national brand, contains “real ingredients.” They go on to cite eggs (in tones that suggest that the manufacturers are bestowing a great gift–look! we include eggs in our … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Pillar of Fire by Judith Tarr

Pillar of Fire by Judith Tarr

Nofret is the daughter of a Hittite nobleman, captured by enemies from Mitanni and sent as tribute to the Pharaoh in Egypt: the strange, otherworldly Akhenaten, who rules from his raw new city of Amarna. As servant to his daughter, she witnesses the rise and fall of Akhenaten and his one god, the lives and deaths of his queen and his heirs, and the brief reign of Tutankhamon. Then, freed at last from Egypt, she embarks on a years-long journey into the desert oases of Sinai, and there finds love and family. Continue reading

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