Riding the Coat Tails of the Force

Steven Harper PiziksNow that The Force Awakens has become an international, well, force, it’s attracting hangers-on like a bad political campaign.  Everyone (especially Salon.com, for some reason) is rushing to show how smart and deep they are by giving self-defined gut-wrenching, academic, deep-thought critiques of the movie.

On a single Facebook screen, for example, I came across stories that promised me The “Star Wars” Fandom Menace: The glaring emotional blind spots that power “The Force Awakens” and 40 Unforgivable Plot Holes in THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE FORCE AWAKENS Is the Least Interesting Star Wars Yet and 30 Things You Definitely Missed in THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Wow!  I had no idea my knowledge of THE FORCE AWAKENS was so woefully inadequate.  I better click on those right away and become highly educated! (And let the web site put a bunch of cookies on my computer while I’m at it.)

These and other similar articles mean absolutely nothing, of course.  They’re written by people who have no real cred. For example, Lili Loofbourow, who wrote the desperate-sounding “emotional blind spots” article above, is a freelance reporter. She’s not a professor of media studies, or an experienced film reviewer, or a film maker. She has a computer and a contact at Salon.com and ticket stub for THE FORCE AWAKENS. Same goes for all the others. They’re just riding along on TFA’s coat tails, trying to make a few dollars for themselves.

Well, at least I got a blog entry out of it.

–Steven Harper Piziks

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Riding the Coat Tails of the Force — 2 Comments

  1. What that says to me is how many people feel proprietary about SW. Everybody’s got an opinion, because everybody cares. Which may be the real genius of the thing.

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