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Review: First Wives Club, the musical

Jones says of of the actor portraying one of erring husbands that he “looks helpfully great in his skimpies.” I was there on press opening night at the same performance Jones saw. When a self-congratulating Billy let his bathrobe fall open on his paunch and his speedo, one woman in the audience blurted a loud, derisive, “Oh my God!” and another yell, “Suck it in, Billy!” Laughter—female laughter—erupted all over the house. Of course I was sitting in a side section, not in the center with celebs and reviewers who only got Billy fully frontal, so maybe Jones missed the impressive curve of Billy’s belly. Continue reading

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Gardening: fernslayer!

When I had planted all my perennials, leaving piles of trash for the husband to rake up, I turned to the dark side of gardening: destruction. Continue reading

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