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Happy Pi Day, Extreme!

(GOING LIVE ON 3.14.15 AT 9:26.  Five… four… three… two… [finger points]) Happy Pi Day! No, I don’t mean pie day. I mean Ratio of a Circle’s Circumference to Its Diameter Day! Or approximately 3.1415926, followed by a lot more … Continue reading

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Indie Reading

Some books defy market categorization. Like many classics. But these days, if you can’t slot your work so that the sales team knows where to put it in a book store, you have even less a chance of selling it … Continue reading

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Pie Day!

by Brenda W. Clough How can I resist re-posting this glorious image? It is a Book View pie, in honor of this day! The pie itself was long since eaten by my son. And we are reliably informed that this … Continue reading

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