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WWW Wednesday 4-16-2014

To my shock I have realized that these books are literally one hundred years old. My copies are first editions. This forces me to recognize that I am, in spite of a certain raunchy rowdiness when the moon is full, one of those old farts who read hundred year old novels and relish their grace, their command of English, and their depiction of a slower and more mannered time than our own. Continue reading

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Ozzie and Harriet: the dark side

Seems like all their friends are divorced. The last pair to go snipes at our married heroes: “How do you two do it!?” but we know they don’t want to know. Fuck you, you’re next, they’re thinking, but in their hearts they know it isn’t so, and they also hope these two will hang on somehow, will actually even still god dammit be happy. Then they trudge off to court yet again, muttering helplessly, It can’t be right. No one ever told us. How do they do it? Continue reading

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