BVC Announces Eastlick and Other Stories by Shannon Page

Eastlick and Other Stories by Shannon PageEastlick and Other Stories
by Shannon Page

“Like a good glass of wine, a good short story offers complexity and buzz. When you finish a good story, you take a moment to savor the experience, to let the resonance of truth ring a bit before it fades. I know that, for me, there’s nothing like reading a last sentence that just nails the piece: reinforces a metaphor, adds weight to a conclusion. I can’t help but lean back and sigh with satisfaction when a piece just works.” –Janna Silverstein

Table of Contents:

Night Without Darkness (with Mark J. Ferrari)
By the Sea
Water Proof (with Chaz Brenchley)
Embers (with Jay Lake)
Gil, After All
Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land, Under Starry Skies Above (with Mark J. Ferrari)
The Hippie Monster of Eel River
Bone Island (with Jay Lake)
If This Were A Romance… (with Jay Lake)
Mad Gus Missteps (with Mark J. Ferrari)

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