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Conspicuous virtue would be the phrase, I think. We were in the pub last night, and nevertheless: the regular three were in place in the student union at seven o’clock this morning, laptops up and words aflow. One of us has very nearly finished a novel; one of us knocked off a thousand words in almost nothing flat; one of us ground out a mere 750 words in two and a half hours, but hey. I did also have to keep an eye on the Ashes. And we are at a Great Revelatory Moment in the Kipling story, and I really didn’t have a clue, so I mostly just had to sit there and work it out. (At home I’d have gone for a walk, and probably ended up shopping for lunch; virtue is a consequence of peer pressure. Discuss.)



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  1. I wrote my first novel while working a day job at the National Press Building in Washington DC. Fourteen stories of office building packed with writers. Once, there was a fire alarm. Everyone had to evacuate the building. We all walked down the fire stairs, clutching fat wads of mss. It turned out that none of these mss were journalism. No, these were all novels that we were writing on compan time….

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