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One of the cool things about astronomy is the importance of the electromagnetic spectrum you use. A star viewed with an X-ray telescope looks quite different from the picture you get using infrared.

This same principle applies to the rest of life. Today at Launch Pad we went on a hike around Turtle Rock, a large local feature. It is enormous, and takes about two hours to walk around. Because this is the West I know much less than I would like about the plants, trees, birds, and so on.  I do have a grasp of geology, rocks, and such.

What I needed was someone with the bird filter.  And a second hike with someone with the tree and plant skill set. Here at Launch Pad I’m picking up a smattering of astronomy, enough so that when I need to dig deeper I will know where to dig. But it is probably not possible for a single person to pick up all the information needed. You have to learn, not stuff, but where to find stuff.




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