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Writing Sex: Kaleidoscope, or, How paranormal helps when you’re tired of tab A and slot B

When I write a sexy paranormal story, the speculative idea is like that little turn of the wrist that makes all the pieces in the kaleidoscope shift a fraction of an inch … and suddenly you see a whole new pattern. The junk inside the kaleidoscope is the same old junk. But because the light is shooting between all those mirrors, an ordinary little piece of life becomes fascinating.

Do this with sex and you’ll see what I mean about keeping it fresh. Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin Saved My Life

In the late 70s I was living in Wichita Falls, Texas, a small city on the Oklahoma border about 283 miles due north of Austin. When I took the job that sent me there, I told my friends, “Well, at … Continue reading

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