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Celebrating Ursula K. Le Guin

On the occasion of the publication of three new books by BVC founding member Ursula K. Le Guin, Book View Café takes great pleasure in celebrating our colleague. Over the course of this week. BVC blog will present several essays … Continue reading

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Pard and the Poets

Pard and the Poets (Annals of Pard: IV) by Ursula K. Le Guin Six poets came to my house yesterday afternoon for the monthly meeting of our poetry group. There should have been eight of us in all, but alas … Continue reading

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Scandalous: Prologue & Chapter One

A sneak preview from SCANDALOUS, a romance from award-winning author Patricia Burroughs available tomorrow. New York City, Early 1970s Seven-year-old Paisley stopped at the top step of the long row of stuck-together houses and twisted around to look behind her. … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Scribbling to PDF

My printer is out of toner, and I’m supposed to print out manuscripts to critique for writer’s group on Monday.  And then it occurred to me–I have an iPad, for heaven’s sake. Why am I even using paper? (It’s true … Continue reading

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Somebody took the “shocking” out of my Scandalous!

It’s strange how it took me years to figure it out, but sure enough as I was proofreading my new ebook, Scandalous*,  I stumbled across a gaping black hole. But wait, I need to tell you this other part first. … Continue reading

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