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Reading Challenges, Do You Do Them?

I’ve watched other people list reading challenges in their blog sidebars or on goodreads or librarything and have thought, “Fun!” and “Not for me.” I don’t want reading assigned to me. I can assign it myself, and then get itchy … Continue reading

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Writing Nowadays–Observations on Ambition

The coming new year seems a good time to bring this up.  Lately, for some reason, I’ve been exposed to a number of videos and blogs that encourage students and other people to “follow your passion” to find a career.  … Continue reading

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Yuletide: the gift of fictional conversation

    There are many in fandom who start looking forward to Yuletide by summer. This tradition is, I think, one of the best open secrets in the fanfiction part of fandom. Here is the FAQ; the main thing to … Continue reading

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Consideration of Works Past: East of Eden

It’s odd to me John Steinbeck doesn’t come up in conversation too much anymore. When books do come up there’s usually a breakdown something like this: mostly contemporary with the genre interest of the speaker showing up broadly, some books … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Wish I’d Known

      Each spring since the year of my first publication, I’ve taught at a novels workshop in Louisville, KY. As part of this teaching gig, I’m asked to present sessions on subjects varying from characterization to research techniques to how … Continue reading

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A Dog Is For Life – No Time Off For Good Behaviour

Christmas and dogs go together like ‘bull’ and ‘china shop.’ You know a disaster is imminent but when, and what form it will take, is a mystery. All you can do is dog-proof your chewables and hope for the best. … Continue reading

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The Death and Rebirth of Light

It being a holiday season for many religions, I figured I’d take a break from picking my way through the folkloric roots of the fantasy genre, and talk a bit about the death and rebirth of light. Powerful symbol, ain’t … Continue reading

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Dostoevsky for Christmas

At some point during my teen-aged years, my father decided we needed a new family Christmas tradition, so he began reading us “The Grand Inquisitor” chapter from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov on Christmas Eve. We’d sit in the living room, … Continue reading

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WWW Wednesday (12-26-12)

BVC members have picked up this meme from shouldbereading: To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions… • What are you currently reading? • What did you recently finish reading? • What do you think you’ll read next? … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of the reader’s experience as I write my sex scene. In a way, I’m making love to the reader. (Yes, yes, I said that, you can go tell all your friends now.) Continue reading

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