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The grammar of a folktale plot

Now we return to my question of a few weeks ago: what gives some fantasy stories that “folktale” vibe, and not others? I digressed onto the subject of tale types because they’re related to the first half of my answer, … Continue reading

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Emma Peel, Cinnamon Carter, and Me

by Nancy Jane Moore It was watching The Avengers that gave me the idea that a woman who studied martial arts could take care of herself. I knew the show was fiction — and rather tongue-in-cheek camp fiction at that … Continue reading

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Faith in Fiction 13: At the intersection of religion and culture

church window

Religion is at the heart of what we call culture. Our world culture is so steeped in religious principle that there’s no way to winnow it out. I often hear people advance the idea that they can be moral without … Continue reading

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BVC Announces Dragon Virus by Laura Anne Gilman

Dragon Virus a tragedy in six evolutions/ an evolution in six tragedies Sample Chapter Laura Anne Gilman One You accept the absurdity of the situation because it is said so seriously. It’s only later, when you’re out of the scenario, … Continue reading

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Prepositional Shifts

I am a big girl.  I know language changes–particularly the English language, which seems determined to zig when you expect it to zag on all occasions.  And yet.  When I hear my own kith and kin (that would be my … Continue reading

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One Day in the Life: Horse Farm Edition

Part of what makes a good story better is the mastery of detail–the sense that the writer really gets what she’s writing about, and that for everything she puts in, there’s a whole world of information behind it. If you’re … Continue reading

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I have to read that!

              In a discussion recently, someone asked, “What story element gets you to open the book every time you see it?” My first response was, “Only one?”

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Confessions of a Pioneer Computer Games Designer

In the 1970s a revolution occurred and, for once (see Free Cornish Army), it was nothing to do with me. The birth of the microcomputer. At first the main interest was in building them – articles and adverts would appear … Continue reading

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SFSignal Interviews Chaz Brenchley


Paul Weimer of sat down with our own Chaz Brenchley recently for an interview about the writing process … and “hats”. Chaz is the author of  Shelter, The Books of Outremer and Selling Water by the River. His Book View Cafe eBooks … Continue reading

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Friday Feature: Northlight

Book View Café’s “Friday Feature” brings you BVC ebooks you might not have met before. Every Friday we’ll feature a free sample from one of our books. It’s an easy way to discover a new book, a new author, or … Continue reading

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