Weird Science: State of the Singularity–Robots

Every once in a while I like to check in with the Singularity; see where we’re at with it. Today I checked out Honda’s Asimo. That’s Asimo over there on the left. Pretty impressive walking up and down stairs like that.

I still don’t see the point of making robots look like humans, but you can see they’ve made a lot of progress in that direction. Asimo is certainly humanlike. If you can stand the hype check out Honda’s infomercial on Asimo. It makes some good points about what robots are and why.

Won’t be long now.

The above post is the last in the series of Weird Science essays I published at the Singularity Watch blog in December of 2011. I’m still out there observing weirdity in whatever form I find it. Rest assured I’ll report back here when I come across something worthy of your attention. Until then, hang in there!

Sue Lange




Weird Science: State of the Singularity–Robots — 2 Comments

  1. I saw something on the Web over the weekend — can’t find it now — reporting that when they made robots look female, they envisioned them doing domestic tasks. Male-looking robots were set up to do heavy labor.

    I assume I don’t need to explain just how absurd that is.

  2. How far is too far? Where should the line be drawn? I feel like there used to be a line clearly marked in the sand and as the years go by and science progresses, the line has become worn out to the point where we aren’t really sure where it even is any more. Which is scary.