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Dispatches from Spain

On Being Laura Anne’s Reports to Prove Writers Can Too Take Vacation Greetings from Spain!  In which I attempt to prove that writers CAN take holiday without doing any work at all…. The players are myself, DAW author Kari Sperring, … Continue reading

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A Karate Scrapbook: Hanging Out by the Dojo, 1981

The headquarters dojo of Goju-Kai Karate-Do USA was for many years located at Eighteenth and Collingwood in San Francisco. It occupied the loft level of a two-story commercial building that had seen better days. The structure was ancient by California … Continue reading

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Weird Science: Parasitic Mind Control

We all know that animals with rabies are nutty, aggressive, and prone to biting new victims. The rabies virus is transmitted to a new carrier whenever the mad sufferer attacks and bites somebody or thing. The new carrier then becomes … Continue reading

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Omigod Mom, You Have to…

I am the proud…not possessor, certainly, but the proud room-mate, parent, audience, chauffeur, restauranteur, and wailing wall for two daughters.  They are the light of my life, and my favorite forms of entertainment, even better than the dog (who is … Continue reading

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