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Covers and Lambs

Another busy week – What Ho, Automaton! released on Tuesday, Resonance re-release this Tuesday, Shift re-release at the end of the month, and Medium Dead the week after. Not to mention lambs, bees, broody hens, and frost protecting the veggies.     … Continue reading

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IMMORTAL winners

Since we had so many great comments, I decided to give away two copies of Immortal. Katharine and Megan are the winners. Please get in touch with me and let me know what ebook format you’d like (.mobi, .epub, or … Continue reading

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Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info for Young (and Old) Writers, week 17

by Laura Anne Gilman Earlier this week, as I was writing this column, romance writer Judy Mays was “outed”  by a local paper who went the full “oh noes an erotica writer teaching our young!” Never mind that she had … Continue reading

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf: 12

by Brenda W. Clough Yay!  The last toe is safely Kitchenered, and here is the pair of glorious socks! In theory now the socks should be blocked — dampened and stretched on sock forms to even out the fair-isle patterning.  … Continue reading

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In defense of TWILIGHT

Yes, I know.  But here’s the thing:  Twilight wouldn’t be as successful as it is if there weren’t a lot of readers who liked it.  A lot. I’m sticking my neck out here, and risking the ridicule of my fellow … Continue reading

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Reading for Fun: Jo Walton’s Lifelode

By Nancy Jane Moore Jo Walton’s Lifelode is currently the topic of discussion at the Tiptree Book Club, which is how I came across it. It’s published by NESFA Press, and is not widely available despite being on the Tiptree … Continue reading

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Patricia Rice Guest Blogs for RT Book Reviews

BVC’s own romance super-star Patricia Rice blogs about “the book of her heart,” EVIL GENIUS for Romantic Times Book Reviews. READ A FREE EXCERPT BUY THE BOOK (ready for all major eReaders, including Kindle)

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The Saga Continues: Following up on the Higgs

I’m going to do what I wish every reporter working in sensationalism (Are there any that aren’t?) would do. I’m going to follow up on a previous story. As you know from a previous post, the story of the Higgs … Continue reading

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How I came to write What Ho, Automaton!

By Chris Dolley What Ho, Automaton! – the ebook – is officially launched today. You can read a sample here, or buy the ebook here for the bargain price of $2.99. So, how did I come to write it? Well, … Continue reading

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Why You Won’t Catch Me At the Dice

Yesterday, in an essay on SF Signal, Paul Weimer advanced the argument that “there are good reasons, as a connoisseur of fantasy and science fiction, for you to pay attention to roleplaying games.” He says, “Many Fantasy and Science Fiction … Continue reading

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