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Finishing A Book

I never finish a book. Really. On my desk right now is the draft I’m working on, a revision for a three-year-old book for e-publication, the edited version of a book I just sold, and page proofs on the next release. At what stage can I say “I finished my book!” Continue reading

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This blog post is included in: No Time to Spare Thinking About What Matters by Ursula K. Le Guin Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler December 5, 2017 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt                     … Continue reading

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Fiction for Adults

Freb: So much chatter all over the Internet lately about dark fantasy.  Some can’t even agree on the definition of dark. Like that book on your shelf there, praised as being so dark. I found it emotionally adolescent in spite … Continue reading

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Party Bees

Back in January I wrote a post about the beekeeper’s biggest fear – their hive not making it through the winter. We’d just had one of the coldest November/Decembers on record and we were waiting for a warm sunny day … Continue reading

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Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info for Young (and Old) Writers, week 8

Well, we only got a few requests (don’t be shy, speak up!) but two of them were on the same basic topic, so I’m going with that, in my first two-part discussion about getting help from your peers (as opposed … Continue reading

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Sock It To Me, Beowulf 3

Socks are challenging.  Firstly, they have to fit the wearer.  Luckily Alma and I have exactly the same size foot, so I have a handy try-on model at the end of each leg.

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Don’t Know Much About History

The New York Times reported in January on yet another study showing dismal performance by U.S. students in science. The news was depressing, if not surprising, but the part of the article that really stuck with me was a throw-away … Continue reading

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New Web Site for Steven

Steven would like to interrupt this blog to announce that he has a new web site. Come look!

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A Padawan’s Journal #40: The Last Period

What happens when you put that last period on a novel? It’s done, right? Finis. THE END. Wrong. There’s still a lot to do. After I put the last period on the very, very first draft of Shadow Games (a … Continue reading

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Radcon Report Part I: Corrupting the Young

This weekend, my convention-going career attained two firsts. I went to Radcon (in Pasco WA) and it was my first gig as Writer Guest of Honor. For me and for many other writer guests, Radcon’s program began the day before … Continue reading

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